Welcome to Siahaan Gea Attorneys at Law. We are partnering for progress, committed to handcraft precise legal solution.

Siahaan Gea Attorneys at Law is a law firm established by two young advocates who are vested with high passion and full dedication in resolving legal disputes faced by any individual, companies (both national or multinational), state or regional owned enterprises and state institutions. Prolonged legal problems without a solution and certainty often have a negative impact on a person or the business future of a company. Our presence as advisors, defenders, problem solvers, peacemakers will support You and Your business in resolving any legal problems ahead of You.

Hands-on. Client Focused. Results Driven

Our team consists of professional advocates who have forged by experience from leading and premier law offices. We are highly skilled in handling complex and high-profile cases, upholding the excellent quality of legal services not to mention the expert in their fields. We present a case handling approach that starts from pinpointing the root of Your legal problems in order to get the best, innovative, creative, solutive legal action which is certainly within the legal corridor. You will be enlightened with various alternative analysis options for dispute resolution, to finally make You comfortable and confident about the legal steps You would like to initiate. Of course, we respect the choice of legal steps and carry it out with professionalism and integrity.

We also believe in our Guru, Experience

Not a few notes on the handling of successful cases by Advocates of Siahaan Gea, ranging from defending innocent defendants out of the shadow of imprisonment, helping companies be released from billions to trillions Rupiah claims, assisting client in obtaining satisfied compensation through civil claim, representing clients to get win-win solutions through negotiation or mediation, accompanying companies in their debt restructuring up to succoring companies in financial distress through insolvency proceedings. All of those achievements are inseparable from the result of hard work by promoting the quality of legal products and refunctioning the law as a sword as well as a shield in every battle to defend Your legal interests. Hence, Siahaan Gea Attorneys at Law will always be present accompanying You in facing and resolving the difficulties and complexities of legal problems.